ERIPADISO Blue, Cream and Blue-cream Persians

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We live in a small countryvillage in Belgium. 
We have 9 cats, and we dont’t cage them! We have been breeding persian cats since 1989, and we specialise in dilutes.
Our motto is : QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!! 
Our breeding is out of some of the best bloodlines in the world , based on good quality, and most importantly, good health and sweet personality.

The odds definitely changed for us in 1996, when we bought our blue male “GC, DW Babuschka’s Roy Roger of Eripadiso”. He did very well at shows and became the third best kitten of the International Division in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association,  the largest and most famous cat fancy association of the world), over the season 1996-1997. In 1997-1998 he granded easily, and ended up at the 7th place in the international division.
In the meantime, we had bought “Babuschka’s Carmela of Eripadiso”, a blue-cream female. 
Combined with Roy, she gave birth to two gorgious females in 1998.  “GC DW Eripadiso Ruby”, a blue cream female, who achieved the 6th place in the international division  in adult class during the season 1998-1999, and a blue female “GC DW Eripadiso Xantia” who achieved in same season, 3rd best kitten, and 5th best cat in the international division. Both beauties granded in the same season in 3 shows, in Europe. 
The next season, 1999-2000, Xantia was BEST CAT of the International Division of CFA. On June 17th 2000, we were very honoured to receive the National Award.  It was handed over by CFA president Donald Williams, at the Awards Banquet Ceremony in Albuquerque, in the state of New Mexico, USA.

In 2000, Xantia and Ruby had their first babies. They were both  sired by “Swinburn’s Blue Angel First Edition of Kall”, a beautiful blue male, owned by our friends Peter en Marianne Vanwonterghem. 
The combination was very successfull. We campaigned the most beautifull kitten, “DW Eripadiso Benjamin”. Over the season 2000-2001, he was third best kitten of the International Division of CFA.

In 2000 we repeted the breeding of  “Babuschka’s Carmela of Eripadiso” and GC, DW Babuschka’s Roy Roger of Eripadiso.  They had a beautiful kitten : “GC,DW Eripadiso Miss Dior of Babuschka”. She is now living with our  friends Gian Nicola and Anja Mussi in Italy. She was 2nd best kitten of the season in the international division .

And last, but not least, we are also very proud that “GC Eripadiso Ariane of Grayswi’s”, a blue-cream kitten born in 2000 out of “CH Quin-Jo Selina of Eripadiso” and “GC, DW Babuschka’s Roy Roger of Eripadiso” granded in 2001, and this only in 3 shows in Europe. She became 2nd Best Blue-cream Persian Nationally over the season 2000-2001. Her home is now in Gouda, the Netherlands, with Jan and Joke Thon.

We hope you will take great pleasure in visiting our website. 
Please visit us again as we intent to update these pages regularely.
Please note that all titles and achievements of our cats are CFA related, and more specific in the International Division.



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